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The Investor

Agvest combines an understanding of the long-term nature of farmland with a keen eye for the opportunistic windows that appear in this asset class.

Our investment Strategy begins with pre-investment property evaluation.  This identifies the potential to convert to organic management, the opportunity to create value and the strategy to deliver those outcomes.  The process involves five components:

•     Understand the enterprise sector at a macro and micro level (production to market).

•     Evaluate a property down to the soil level (literally).

•     Create a transformative strategy plan for each individual asset.

•     Apply this plan in close alignment with the property manager.

•     Create clusters of supportive properties.

Staying in close and regular contact with portfolio farms enables us to actively monitor performance and input agronomic/management expertise in a genuinely hands on manner.  It is this active involvement in creating and implementing operational strategy that enables us to enhance the on-farm management and ensure long-term value optimisation.

Development expenses

Each Industry Superfund will have 100% ownership of the property; the funds will not be pooled together. The long term and structural nature of the developments in the agricultural sector provide a remarkable on-going investment opportunity.  Farmland is increasingly viewed as a critical strategic resource and is an asset class that is attracting increased capital allocation from investors.

Agvest believes that carefully selected and well managed farmland investments provide an advantageous component of a well-designed portfolio.  The scientific rigour of Agvest ensures farmland is strongly positioned to outperform in the face of global climate change, rising conventional farm input costs and increasing resource constraints.

We transform farmland through ecological/organic management, which delivers resilience, less exposure to risk and creates value for all our stakeholders.

The ability to invest in farmland and its ecological/organic management provides the investor with the means to align their portfolio with their environmental understanding, investment ambition and overall long-term positioning.

Sourcing Potential Acquisitions

Making the decision to invest in agriculture is the first stage in the process.  There are many areas to consider ensuring that your agricultural business is successful.

You may be wondering how you can access this asset class and how you can find the required levels of experience, knowledge and expertise to successfully manage such an investment.

Agvest managers all facets of the investment and development process ensuring that your investment is protected and the ROI is fully realised.

With strong links to the Australian rural property sales sector and close ties with qualified real estate agents and experienced legal professionals we navigate the rural property market quietly and professionally.

Legal, agronomic and real estate specialists are employed by Agvest to ensure that any potential land purchases are investigated thoroughly before being purchased.

Once a suitable property is located we will run it through several different financial analysis tools to be sure it meets our requirements.  The entire process, from evaluation to settlement, is handled from a single point of contact.  

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the Australian farmland property market and are skilled in negotiating with rural property sales representatives, as well as directly with vendors.  We endeavour to obtain successful results at prudent values.

Due Diligence

Assessment of suitable Agricultural Assets should be viewed from many different perspectives:

  1. Productivity
  2. Workability
  3. Sustained use of the land
  4. Investment
  5. Geographic location to markets
  6. Rainfall/water and soil types

Agvest will ensure whatever area of agriculture that is purchased it has the full potential to be utilised for the intended purpose.  There are many options available to the agricultural investor; sheep for wool and / or meat production, beef cattle, goats, dairy, cropping or a mixture.

Exclusive Focus

Agvest is an “Agricultural Asset management” business solely focuses on investment in sustainable, responsible and ecological/organic agriculture for the Australian Industry Superfunds.

Agvest’s key and unique exceptional competence rests in its ability to blend agro-ecological literacy, knowledge and understanding, with investment skill, insight and awareness.

Investment in Agriculture Assets offers the following benefits:

  • capital preservation
  • attractive investment performance
  • lack of correlation with global equities
  • inflation hedge
  • investment portfolio diversification
  • a secure physical asset



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